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November 16, 2015



First things first, I wanna shout out to my sister Georgia. Im still waiting for a letter back from you!

Next things next, This week has been just like the other ones except better because WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND!!! Its Sebastian hes a stud i love that kid he got his haircut like mine and i must say, he looks fresh. Anyway Yeah were dunkin him this saturday if anyone wants to come they can.. haha jk thats disobedient! 

TOUGH THINGS this week. Paris, Yes we've heard about it. Also more and more everyday about the new regulation from the first presidency. Were under attack!!  This worlds a scary place. If you ever wanna get away from it.. serve a mission because we little missionaries are in a safe little bubble and feel no sense of insecurity. Also this week i had a bit of a sad moment. I was on exchanges with another elder in my district, who is famous for being a complicated missionary among the others, while we were on exchanges we visited a recent convert of his. His name is john. John was baptized earlier this year and is now in the hospital because hes suffering from the repercussions of smoking his whole life. He pretty much doesn't have lungs and there's nothing the doctors can do. My companion who was elder delafuente had a hard time seeing him on his death bed. While we were in the hospital room i felt the spirits comfort very strongly that this sick man laying in front of me was in good hands.  I took the time to reflect on my life a little bit and how ive been able to see gods hand in my life. How my testimony of Christ has grown and how i have changed. As I was thinking, it was as if the hands on the clock had stopped. Time slowed down immensely I was filled with a sense of joy and humble confidence. I knew that like the man on the hospital bed in front of me. God has a plan for me and is always there to help me fulfill it. As we left the hospital I put my arm around a teary-eyed elder i was walking with and told him I loved him. Time immediately resumed to its crazy fast pace that I live as a missionary.

On a happier note I had interviews with President Mendenhall and his wife separately. I found out that their daughter lives in Spanish Fork, my old stomping grounds. Also that there's a big stock show in Denver this December and there might be a family history booth there that we get to run. I said sign me up!! Because that means I might get to see my boss Charles from the ranch!! Also President gave me special permission to get cowboy boots which other elders don't have:)

Anyway, We've got a fun week ahead of us because its supposed to snow a lot tonight and I'm still waiting for my winter coat... hopefully its arrival is not being delayed because its.. kinda cold..
BUT! More work, More blessings. Harder Work, Hotter future wife.

Christmas Wish List:
My wish list is simple!
My list is simple

old spice tinder body wash and deoderant the chalk kind not gel.
A big thing of protein powder and a shaker bottle
costco muffins
Black nike university of utah hoodie
my hawiian shirt from the cruise
black nike socks
those ariat cowboy boots from scheels size 11
Fit BIt
Blue Broncos flag

ps i got cowboy boots approved personally from my mission president.

Love, Elder Reynolds

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