Sunday, December 13, 2015

Senior Companion and Matching Sweats

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Dec 7, 2015

This week has been dope. This next week will be more dope. We got work to do and not enough time to do it. its the beginning of another 6 weeks and i got a new companion his name is elder nelson. hes from arizona and we sat next to eachother on the plane out here haha we got two young bloods in this ward. last week was pretty fun though we got so lost in our work. the church has put out a new video and weve been sharing it like crazy. its called a savior is born . go look it up and hit share on facebook or twitter. the quicker you do it the more people will see it and the sooner the world will get baptized... no for real this video is an awesome missionary tool. you will fell the spirit instantly. i know of all the 28 times ive seen it, ive felt the spirit every time. anyway we were on fire this week. but i have a new comp and well see how he is. my last comp got called to be a zone leader. and that was crazy but i also went on exchanges this week and crashed on my bike... dont worry the bike is ok but haha im out of a pair of pants. so dear mom please send money. and its sad that were on bike in the middle of the winter anyway but its ok not a lot of people can say that on their mission they were on bike in winter in denver.

anyway. i hear the broncos are doing well so thats good.

until next week. 
Love elder reynolds

**********************The following is from November 30th, we had a new grandbaby on that day, no emails were sent out. Enjoy this one a week late:)******************************************************

YO ITS REAL ITS ALMOST THE END!! haha the end of my 2nd 
TRANSFER DAY so the story of transfers is fun and nervous. we get to move around the mission and get new companions. now i love my companion hes a real homie and weve made some great memories. so im gonna miss him because he was my first real companion. Weve bonded, Weve seen heartbreaks, failures and weve also fulfilled our purpose and seen people enter into the straight and narrow gait which is the way and the only way back to god. im gonna miss him. but looking forward to a new co captain to the old ship zion here in my area of the denver north mission. 

Thanksgiving was delicious. i wanna shout out to the familys that fed us. we are still full. haha we ate at a family named the lesters. they have a daughter who reminds me of georgia so much that i almost called her g haha miss you g! but yeah it was a great day. a little homesickness but it was so joyfull that it went away so quick. 
one family we were at is so fun theyre recent converts named the biglens and we had a rap battle and let me tell you my spiritual rhyms were on point. they were impressed. my mixtape comes out in fall 2017.

also me and my companion got companion unity sweats. usually in missions people will get matching ties, but were different. deal wit it.

Other then that not a lot of spiritual progression happened this week to our investigators because they were all busy all week so we couldnt meet.. sad face. we keep going. the snow is hard to ride in so weve been walking this week. haha blizzards. but no yeah we LOVE snow:) the pics are from a photo shoot we had. do what you will with them haha

The savior lives. its my job to testify of him. so unless im just lying to everyone. hes always there for us. he loves us and knows us, every part about us. i love the savior and i feel his power work through me when i strive to be dilligent to his commandments
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