Sunday, April 17, 2016

Several good letters to catch up on!

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Elder Reynolds
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Hey fam,

This week was good. Time fly's when you work hard. Im kinda exhausted from all the hours were putting in. Its worth it though. 

I heard a story listen, there's three mormons visiting a foreign country that's pretty hostile towards their beliefs. One was a stake high counselor, one was an elders quorum president and the last was a deacon. they were captured and put into torture camps. When they were ready to be executed, they were asked what was the last thing they wanted to do before they died.
The Elders quorum president said he wanted to help someone move one more time. Especially someone with a real heavy piano....they let him, then killed him. then the asked the next guy.
The high counselor said he wanted to preach, uninterrupted to a congregation of members of his church, for one hour. They executioner nodded and moved on to the deacon and asked him.
The deacon said.. I just wanna be killed before the stake high councilman speaks.

Yesterday sacrament was great. I took the time to counsel with heavenly father and see if theres anywhere I can improve. Then the talk was about spiritual gifts. I realized as I listened to the talk that god blesses us with specific tools, so were allowed to use them. But they are hinged on our faith and obedience to the commandments. So I was compelled to exercise my gifts. Last night after church we met a less-active guy who was legit. Unfortunately he had been hit with all the anti Mormon bull crap in the world. He tried to pass it on to us but we shut him down with our firm immovable testimonies haha I told him i was anti-ed pretty hard early in and before my mission but I kept the faith and counselled with god. We concluded with him committing to ask god the truth. I came away from that realizing that I was literally prepared in sacrament for that lesson. 

I realized that working hard in the service of god directly blesses us. 

I've almost been out 6 months. 1/4th of my time on a mission is over. Its going too fast.

The doctrine within this church is true. Nothing but it. 

-Elder reynolds


Hey fam!

I had a neat week.

On Wednesday Ulysses Suarez the president of the quorum of the 70 came to the mission for a tour. It was dope. I had to do the recitation in the mission meeting which means I read a scripture and relate it to the work or something then bear my testimony and recite our missionary purpose. I did it in front of the whole mission and the general authority.. that was a scary time of my life. 

I also found out from Sister Mendenhall that my last companion Elder Nelson went home.. I was real sad because hes a brother I made, but he is doing better back home. He let the stress and depression get to him. Thats something that missionary's constantly fight. He was also from the group that came out to the mission at the same time I did. Ill miss him.

Its transfers this week on Wednesday.. Im staying here in downtown, but getting a new companion, which is sad because Elder Larue and I get along so well. Also I got called to be a district leader here. Im in charge of the city, Im surprised that I have a leadership call being still young on the mission.

We met Jimmy again this week to help him move. Hes the dude who served a mission and stuff but now hes really super anti Mormon. Thats ok we still helped him move and he tried to shake our testimony's with some anti literature but we stood undaunted. We know with conviction who we are and what we stand for, More importantly who we represent.

We ran into Carmelo Anthony's apartment while trying to find an address haha its real nice.. and theres Lamborghini's all over the outside of it. He plays in the NBA. and you can tell.

Also I have officially gained 10 solid pounds of muscle... just thought i would share that haha... and my birthdays in a couple weeks.. dont forget.. oh and happy birthday georgia I love you!!

Lifes good. I love that opportunity I have to be spiritually fed everyday. The letters I get from you are inspiring and motivating. Thanks for your testimony's they're great.

Thats all. Another good week flew by.

The church is true.

Love, Elder Reynolds


Hey fam,

this week... was crazy. 

We had to drive to the mission home and all over the mission on Wednesday because we had errands the mission office people wanted us to do. So we did them. Also I saw my best mission bud Elder LaRue.. man i love that guy. 

The rest of the week we just kept workin hard and got a lot of doors slammed in our face. no gun threats this time tho so thats lucky i guess.
Oh.. we have a baptism this weekend! thatll be cool!

We helped a lady move. Dear members, you either make our job real easy or real hard. Sorry i know none of you are members but... love thy neighbor haha

I had my first district meeting this week. I made my point very clear to my district that setting goals in life is absolutely essential. They shows the desire of our hearts and are a measurable milestone to help us see our personal progress. 

Also My companion is a real.. good guy. Pray for me.

Oh yesterday was the most interesting church session ive ever. been. to. and ive been to probably a million. Firstly we got there late because our clocks didnt change and we didnt know about the whole time changing theory.. then when we got there. one of the guys we teach showed up!! drunk!! haha that was crazy. he was.. funny. man im sorry words dont describe this guy. Hes my favorite dude. haha

I gotta go and visit some furniture stores because i like spending my PDays testing out sectionals and recliners.. deal with it im different. My companions think im weird. i cant deny what i know to be true.

Real quick i have a crazy story that happenend a week ago.
So we visited a zoo last pday and my companion and i got to go behind the scenes and look at the gorillas and seals and stuff. but we went into the lions cage!! that was crazy they guy was like be gentle theyre pretty territorial. So of course i messed up and sneezed and the freakin alpha lion witha head the size of donald trumps ego, woke up and started to growl. the guide was like oh we better leave shh be quiet. so we left and as i turned around i was tackled to the ground and i felt a huge powerful clamp go around my shoulder!! the freaking lion attacked me!! and i struggled to get it off and the guide was like whistling and trying all the tricks and there i was cligning on to the delicate thing we call life. then i woke up from my dream sweating.

Anyway have a good week. Love ya

-Elder Reynolds

A letter to his mom: 
well we spend a lot of time catering to the needs of member of the ward (relief society presidents, high priest group leaders, elders quorum presidents all the way to bishops) and that doesnt even include the non members and less actives. we have a lot on our plate and spend little to no time for ourselves. Honestly im totally fine with our workload which doesnt finish when we leave the office.. if we had one. mom blessings have come from my service. i have developed an honest love for the savior my family and those i serve. this love doesnt come from disobedience. i just wish youo could see the things we do in a day. i keep a lot out of my emails because talking about it would worry you or frustrate you to hear the disappointments and trials we face. in fact the other day things got so hard that i thought about coming home and not telling you or dad about it. but i didnt make the call to president i had the impression to "keep going". so i am. i dont want to further worry you because i really am pushing through this crap. anyway enough crying. just remember i know who i am


Hey fam. 

This week was a decent one. Nothing too cool happened really..

Oh wait jk we had zone conference this week it was real good and inspiring just like always. I saw elder Larue and we didnt leave each others side because we are homies. 

We taught a lot of lessons i guess, and one of our investigators decided to blaze up right in front of us in the middle of a lesson and elder bowers said his headache went away after that haha weed is real gross haha

I would like to inform everyone reading that i have a new pair of boots on my person. 

yeah nothing really new or exciting. Ive said it once though church was interesting. President decided to join our ward today. 


Hey Fam.

This week. well. We freaking destroyed it here. I and my companion went around to teach more lessons then we did last week, and im satisfied to say we did. by a lot. We set our goals high because I have to set the tone for the rest of my district. 

Good news we put 2 people on date. We haven't had that here in a long time because President Mendenhall wants us to focus on the less active list because of its size. Missionaries take advantage of that workload so they dont work as hard. Anyway we have 2 baptisms set for the latter part of April. Everyone should come! 

We get calls all the time to go give blessings because theres like some real high tech leading hospitals down here. So I had the oppurtunity to give a blessing to a guy with leukemia. I blessed him to be restored to full health. Im humbled to say that now the cancer has been 95 percent eradicated, and he is headed home. The priesthood works. because its the same power Jesus Christ had. I learned in a very real sense that god is anxiously engaged in our personal lives and our well being. Turns out this guy been investigating the church for over 2 years, and been through a lot of missionaries. His wife is a member (shout out to aunt michelle) #Memberwerk

Went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week. haha. that was good. 

I curled 60 pounds a lot of times. Im gettin my beach bod ready for summer 2018 haha we have a scheduled time that we are supposed to work out. my companion doesnt do it with me so I take that time to obtain unequaled bliss by liftin.

Anyway, this week was kewl it snowed a lot my companion was grumpy all week. oh well. but hey i have a testimony. DO YOU!?

Love, Elder Reynolds!


Hey fam, 

Well uh im not sure where to start. This week was a decent average just like the rest of them kind of week.

Zone meeting was cool i didnt have to do a training which is good because i have no room to train missionaries. I am the least of these my brethren.

Oh yo conference was so sick!! D todd christofersons talk was my fav. I cant wait to be a dad... 17 months.. and be a breadwinner and pretty much love a woman.  listen to the prophets and apostles. No for real, ive re listened to conference all week as im getting ready or in the car. i perty much got it memorized. I think the main message was that we all need to repent and go to the rescue to save our fellow brethren, but remember we cant help someone out if we ourselves arent in a spiritual state to do so. SO GET IN ONE FAM! I think that its easy to become engulfed in the distractions of today, like social media, i, loath it. or other things like crafting clubs, sports, friends, tv, diet coke.. idk. But i feel it necessary to say that we gotta prepare ourselves. So im not challenging you, im demanding you to rid yourselves of all ungodliness and hold to the frickin irod rod like a milking puppy to its mother... haha

This week has been a tough one for my happiness im not gonna lie i wanted to join the people of the great and spacious building who were scoffing at us. Sometimes it seems as though it would be easier. However i remembered why in tarnation im on a mission and we got armpit deep in the work. 

Our top progressing investigator dropped us, he got into some anti mormon stuff and was convinced that the church is a hoax. Im sad to say that this is a direct result of not keeping our commitment to pray about it. I KNOW that if you ask for answers from god if this church is true. YOU WILL get one. Sadly we parted ways with our heads down. Its heartbreaking, and plain old awful when we get dropped. Even when Their baptism was supposed to be this weekend.  Its worse then breaking up with a girl... i wouldn't know about that actually..

Anyway on a happy note, transfers are next week and I might be training a new missionary.. and being a district leader at the same time.. i literally have to be on my A game at all times. At the same time i get to do all the work... well thats not gonna be any different.. But i want you to know that i can do hard things. So.. yeah just remember that i guess.. and crappy missionarys dont get this kind of responsibility.

I also want you to know that i have noticed myself maturing and blossoming into a beautiful pond Lilly, ready to harbor any frog that wants to chill. No im serious i feel like little stuff that would make me mad before doesnt bother me. Plus i feel as though My spiritual side is pretty much solid. I ALMOST cried in a lesson last week. I didnt wanna seem sensitive though. I am but.. it wasnt the time. 

Aiight im bored of talking about myself. And zan i had a dream about you.. BE GOOD!! (that was weird i had a dream that you were a missionary and i saw your daily planner and it was empty and then i woke up and got a sandwich and went back to sleep and my dream resumed and i saw your planner again and it was beat to shreds because of good use. I was proud but remember. BE GOOD AND BE STRONG!) sorry everyone that was to her.

Le church Es True.

Translation.. The church is true.

Love, Eldor Reynolds

This is a letter he wrote to his sister, I love his sweet advice. I thought I would include it here:

I love ya'll, im thinking about ya and i want you to know that sometimes life gets hard and we wanna give up and cry for 3 hours in the shower. 

Sometimes people are mean. Heres some advice. Smile at them nicely. Ask them to hang out! BE YOU! and most importantly. Read the scriptures. On your own. everyday. Imagine living with the people you dont like... haha thats been my life for the past 2 months. Heavenly father loves you and cares a lot about you. He wants to hear from you. Remember that you got a big brother on a mission who will watch out for you the rest of your life. Right now im taking care of these people here but when i get home you can come chill with me and my wife anytime you want.. 
I have a story for you. Last week i went to the hospital to give a blessing to a little baby. This baby was born with too big of a heart like honey bun and he had trouble breathing. I put my hands on his little precious head and blessed him to get better. As i was closing my eyes i saw him infront of me as a grown man. He was gonna be ok and i felt that in my heart. I realized on that day that heavenly father loves all of his children so much. even the little babys that havent been away from him for very long. Claira ive had the chance to see miracles happen on my mission and i know that if we are ALWAYS trying to grow closer to heavenly father, he will listen to us in our trials. I promise that if you pray to him to help give you the strength you need to make it through a day of school, he will be there. try it.

Love ya, Elder reynolds