Monday, April 18, 2016

The Church Is Home


Hey fam,

This week man, this week was gooooood!

I got a new companion elder Demeres. hes from Canadian territory so ive been given him a hard time about saying ay and calling the garbage disposal a garborator. and saying tuke haha. hes a good missionary though. But im getting elder salmon on Wednesday because its transfers. I got Demers because he was waiting for his visa to come here and it finally came and then so did he.

Well we taught a lot this week. We were in a building where a former investigator lived and i decided to knock on his door. and he was like hey guys so we went in a discussed his concerns and then came to church! that was crazy. I had a feeling not to give up on him. Ryan is the reason im in this area. 

I got to see elder Eldridge. he came out with me to the mission, he and I became good buddys throughout or service. Hes getting a little chubby though. Maybe ill be his companion someday we can workout together.

Well stake conference was yesterday. That was cool. nothing really too crazy happened.. oh i took Elder Demeres to jimmy the super anti guy the first night he was here haha.. that was mean kinda but i had to welcome him to the mission. Demeres actually handled it ok. No tears came from him. well not the first night at least. I dont know if he likes me.. im a little much to handle sometimes. I walk a little fast for him and when I got something on my mind it gets done so he has struggled to keep up a little because hes still trying to get used to the schedule. He likes girls at least so thats good. 

I got a good week in though. I feel satisfied with my work this week. Everyone in the district struggled to keep up the grind with the long transfer. Sister hight is a senior missionary in my ward with her husband and when she saw me this week she was like Hey!! theres our fearless leader! haha that humbled me actually. Im sometimes daunted by the amount of things we have to do at one time. but we pull through. I look at the city and think... its all mine. kinda cool really. 

The church is home. 

Elder Reynolds.

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