Sunday, October 18, 2015

Date: Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 5:58 PM
Subject: Fwd: Month 1


This week has been so great. Since were still new to the area we do a lot of tracting and working out of the outdated area book haha sheesh anywho. The ward we are working is has a lot of less actives so we do a lot of checkups which is good but i want to be great so we always ask for referalls to baptize haha. We also we to three hawaiin BBQs this week so hopefully im gaining weight.

We had a zone meeting this week and we learned a few things. We need to figure out what our barriers are and destroy them haha. In my companionship our barrier is that we dont pray as often as we should we still pray like 30 times a day. But i feel like if the elevator were in thats really old doesn't open fast enough. We should pray for it to open faster. Because its scary being in a ghetto apartment elevator that smells funky and you have to open it by pushing with your hands haha. Me and my comp work really well together though so other then that we have no barriers. We talk to anyone and EVERYONE we see because why not. Also the zone meeting was by the theater that the batman shooting happened at in Aurora and its a real nice place so its sad to think it has a dark past. 

My companion and i have really deep talks. The other night his tire popped like 10 miles from our house so we walked and we ended up just having a huge bro talk and i loved it. I think we were best friends in heaven. We also talked about faith on the way home and how if we had enough faith we could probably work miracles like Jesus. For example if a handicapped lady was struggling with walking, and she had enough faith and stuff we could totally make her walk. Like we are serious missionaries. Representatives of the lord if you will.

We had a cool moment this week when we were lead to a lady. We were dropping of a Book of Mormon at some persons house and we were riding to a place for an appointment and we saw a ladie mowin her lawn and i told my companion. While i mow you talk. So we rolled up and i was like hey can i help you and she said no and i got off my bike and said we love to serve please let me help you. Long story short i was mowing the lawn and haha my companion slayed her with the restoration. Thats teamwork. She was interested and wants to learn more so maybe something will come from it i hope.

Last night we were on foot because my comp hadnt fixed his tire yet and we strolled past a latino family sitting on the porch and i said hey do you guys want to hear a message about familys and they said no thats ok. Anyway i bore my testimony to them and they looked way confused haha turns out none of them spoke english... akward haha we walked away and kinda laughed. But the church is true and i hope they felt the love for them i had as a spoke because thats all that really matters.  

The church really is true and Jose Smith was a prophet of god. Im so excited to listen to our prophet this weekend who has the same priesthood that Joseph smith did. Im excited to see who will be the new apostles too. 

Until next week
Love, Elder Reynolds

ps this is a picture of us working really hard

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