Sunday, October 18, 2015

Reece Reynolds

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Hello everyone,

This week Ive learned a lot about myself and my potential again. Its limitless!! i love being here and i love everyone i see and meet I kinda understand in a small way how the savior felt as he lived and ministered to all gods children. I also understand the sadness he felt when people rejected him. ive learned patience along with that, to every 50 doors we knock 5 let us in. Out of those 5, 1 will become an investigator.

We have a zone conference coming up tomorrow, i get to see my companion from the mtc and everyone i came out with. im stoked itll be dope. we were given a talk by the zone leaders (who both think ill be a zone leader soon, which freaks me out because im still brand new) the talk was given by elder Bednar it was about the character of Christ and man it was just what i needed. 

A few notes. God loves us so much we cant even comprehend, to prove that he sent jesus and to prove Jesus, we have the book of Mormon. Jesus was our supreme example. He knows EVERYTHING we have ever been through or are going through. Hes been there he knows what its like. How we can show our love for Jesus is by following his example and doing charity which is the pure love of Christ, kinda confusing. But he taught us to love and serve everyone through his example. Or turn outward. We learn that Christ was the most selfless person to live on the earth we know this because he turned outward his love and never allowed himself to feel self pity or pride. On the cross of his very Crucifixion, when you or i would be consumed by feelings of sadness or anger. he turned outward and told the thieve next to him "soon we will rest in paradise" and he pleaded with our father in heaven to "forgive them for they know not what they do". Jesus Christ is the person who we all should seek with every ounce of our essence to get to know and strengthen our relationship with. Because he knows what were going through, hes been there. So my goal for my mission is to turn outward. To those who might read this i challenge you to turn outward and focus on loving others.

Haha on a lighter note yesterday was PDAY we love those here in the Denver Colorado north mission. We went fishing! with a bunch of elders in my zone, Ive grown to love them as my family. One in particular I look up to a lot is Elder Rusick. He is the man. Hes from southern California and he surfs. unfortunately his work is almost done here in the mission field and he goes home in 2 weeks. Its really sad because were all a little jealous. He will probs be married by the time i get home. Anyway by watching him as a missionary i have learned what its like to fully embrace the work to which we are called. He carries a book of Mormon in his waistband when he goes to the grocery store. Anyway he was fishing with us and sang to us all afternoon his funny songs that hes made up since hes been on the mission. While we were fishing all the fish pretty much had been caught in this little lake, and i was bored, so i caught a big juicy grass hopper and put it on my hook. I casted it out and was like " hey guys i just put a grasshopper on my hook!" right as i said that, no joke my line tugged with great force! I caught the Big Mouth Billy Bass of the pond. He liked my grasshopper. He sang to me too! My Billy Bass sang an ear tickling song of the beautiful life he had as a pond fish in solace and how he wished he could go back. so i let him. Hahah after i threw him back i saw all the other elders looking for grasshoppers haha

Till Next week, Turn outward

Love, Elder Reynolds