Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hello again!
hi mom i loved jeffrey r hollands talk. i had a big lump in my throat the whole time. all i wanted was a hug from my mom.

Couple things.

First HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAN! your so big and its weird, hope you got my letter. 

Next, this week has been so fun and interesting, conference was a great way to end it. I also hit my month mark! im 1, 24th of the way done haha.
Earlier this week we were riding to the church and my companion lost control of his bike and crashed into a bush and went straight into this monster of leaves that engulfed him i had to find him haha it was so funny im still laughing. We have so much fun on the bikes. 

On Tuesday we went on exchanges so i spent the night at the zone leaders cave, it was different. I learned so much and i realized my potential. I also realized how much i love my companion because at the end of the day i missed him so much! So i was glad to get back with him.

On Wednesday we had a decision to make at about 6 in the evening. We could go to a members house and check on them or go to the food and grab our dinner and run it home real quick because we had leftovers from olive garden in the kitchen there. So i had a weird felling to go grab the food first, we did. and as we rolled up and started to walk in the church. An old gross jeep rolls into the parking lot and we hear "ELDERS!!" we turned around kinda startled and we found out that there was a couple who was being reactivated in the church, who drove a long ways to get to our building hoping someone would be there. They needed priesthood blessings. We can give priesthood blessings!! So on the cloudy afternoon we welcomed them into the building and they ran to the chapel and we were kinda worried. But turns out they needed to be there so badly and we gave them blessings. The husband wanted me to say his and his wife's. I was nervous because i had never met these people and didn't even know their names. I gave them a blessing and before, i was worried of what to say. When i began to speak i had no idea what i was doing, but some of the most beautiful words came out of my mouth, that weren't my words. The holy ghost was speaking through me. After the blessing i was excited because of the sacred spiritual experience i was just able to administer. The lord works in odd ways because i thought for sure it was more important to see the members we had planned to visit then get our food.

The rest of the week was pretty cool. We got a guy on date to be baptized. He just has to get over some family problems first.. But we are so excited for him and his path to return to live with our father in heaven. Also that we could be a part of it. Later, we talked to an older man in our ward who used to be a seventy. We learned so much. He used to be a member of the reformed church and he realized the truthfulness of the book of Mormon and how it came to pass. He was baptized 45 years ago and his spirit is so powerful we were edified from his testimony. He reminded me of one of my best friends back home who i pray about all the time.

Conference. It was weird not being surrounded by my sisters and snacks for the sessions but i loved it. Ive never been so excited to hear from the prophet. Although his body is deteriorating, his spirit is so strong just by thinking about him, my testimony grows. One of my favorite talks was given by Richard J Maynes. He mentioned a scripture in Alma and when he said it I was absolutely blown away because he quoted the exact scripture i read earlier in the morning for personal study. it stuck out to me so i highlighted it and what do you know? it was quoted later in the day at conference haha so dope. Then i loved the talk Jeffrey R Holland gave about mothers. The chapel only had missionaries in it and there wasn't a dry eye in there. All of the elders and sisters wanted to hear their mothers voice. I Realized how much my mom means to me and she has been the best example of Christ-like love that i can think of. Because Elder Holland parallels Christ-like love to the unconditional love of mothers.

We also got our money reloaded to our cards and we were so happy because we were hungry for a couple days so that was cool. We have the ability to buy food now haha. Today we got stuck in an elevator haha and we called 911 and we were in there forever just hungry and scared. But we made it fun. The three guys im with are the funnest guys i know. I love them and im sad because one of them is going home in a couple weeks. 

I love being a Mormon on a bike sharing the gospel, and getting laughed at by members of the great and spacious building, who drive tricked out dodge neons lol. I love this mission and my testimony of the savior and his love of the church, is so strong. I pray that all the people i come in contact will notice the light in my countenance and desire to be like me and follow the saviors example by being baptized.

Until next week, my work is where my heart is. 

Love, Elder Reynolds
 The Elders got stuck in an elevator and called 911. They obviously were not too scared...
the pulled out the selfie stick to capture the moment!

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