Sunday, October 18, 2015

The night Elder Reynolds opened his call, we celebrated at the Blue Pig in Moab. 
Beginning the SPENDING

Here is his first letter, handwritten to family upon arriving at the MTC dated Sept 7, 2015..(spelling and grammar have been preserved)
Dear Family, Things in the MTC are going well. I feel like im in the 50's or 60's or at war for writing a letter. I am learning a TON! So much that I can't comprehend it all. My heart is definitely being softened. My district is cool. My teacher and class are cool. My companion, however, is something else..haha. He has a joint disorder so he walks really really slow. Stairs are horrible. People get annoyed and pass us..haha but the branch presidents wife told me I was assigned to him for a reason. She said we walked into a meeting late with him, and felt the spirit...Anyway, hes super nerdy, tall skinny and redneck..haha..WHY..JK
I love him. and things are great. We have our own room with a splendid view of some grass. I am doing what right. Have faith..THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

Here is handwritten letter from Reece dated Sept 12, 2015 (The spelling and grammar has been preserved.)
Hi family, I am writing this at 5:30 am because I can't sleep and all our lessons are planned for the rest of the time we are here. Me and my companion work really well together but we don't connect really well on anything besides a spiritual basis. I did some digging on him and found out that he used to watch Spongebob! That made me happy to know he is at least somewhat normal..haha. Elder Metcalfe is sick though so we have been cooped up in this dorm for longer than I want to be. Ive though about the family back home a lot recently. I just want you to know I do not miss any of you at all..haha..but I do love you. Ive been thinking  how much I wish all of you could hear these lessons. Theyre top secret though! So, Zan, serve a mission, especially Zan..I really think I am changing. I am never upset or disappointed because Ive been literally trying to be like Jesus. My companion has really helped me do that. Me and Elder M taught an investigator on Thursday. We've taught them before but this time we nailed it. We taught about the restoration. We didn't even use notes or books..just the Book of Mormon which is really cool. I love that book. It is really magical. It has the power to change peoples lives. Its changing mine. But anyway, while we taught I did most of the talking because Elder M isn't good at teaching yet. But the spirit was incredibly strong. It brought Josh the investigator who is Lutheran, to tears. Thats a good thing..haha. Its amazing how much I actually know about the gospel. However, I do wish I knew more. Good thing I have 2 years. The days are going by quickly especially because of how much fun our district has. During meal time I have all the Elders at my table laughing so hard. Haha..about the dumbest stuff. Thy also know they can just talk to me. People have come to me often times now, just to talk. Some kids really miss there girls and moms. So I just say its time to man up, we have work to do and that is
baptize people. They listen but it helps me too. Anyway, until next week. Love Elder Reynolds


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  2. 1. Called to serve Him, heav'nly King of glory,
    Chosen e'er to witness for his name,
    Far and wide we tell the Father's story,
    Far and wide his love proclaim.
    2. Called to know the richness of his blessing--
    Sons and daughters, children of a King--
    Glad of heart, his holy name confessing,
    Praises unto him we bring.
    Onward, ever onward, as we glory in his name;
    Onward, ever onward, as we glory in his name;
    Forward, pressing forward, as a triumph song we sing.
    God our strength will be; press forward ever,
    Called to serve our King.

    1. oh my gosh ive heard that song before

    2. my rainbow is brighter than yours