Sunday, October 25, 2015  1250 Main Street, Broomfield, CO 80020

Hello family,
i caught myself wondering what it will be like when i return home with honor inn two years at the airport. but i thought about my family a couple times this week especially when i ate dinner at a members house. their family reminded me of a younger version of ours. it was bittersweet. the people out here become family. the bishop in this ward is the most loving generous guy our there. and we have a family who were really tight with that left two huge care packages at our doorstep because we told them we were out of money haha but its all gone now and were still out of money. the mission funds are really hard to live on especially when we dont get fed by members very often. but i still love it here. i still love our apartment and the goofy neighbors we have and the gunshots we hear at night. i feel like im in a little safe bubble. and my badge is armor or something. but i love it and we have 3 people commited to baptism in november. we are kick butt missionaries. 

This week has been fun! in the morning the sky is a warm welcome to a new day. I wake up every morning to a painting of blue, pink, and orange and stuff outside my window. I love it. I love being a missionary. 

This week was zone conference. Its where all the missionaries in certain ares gather and we study and learn and people who leave bear departing testimonies. That part is sad. Anyway since were on bike, we got an award because we are tough and brave. At the zone conference we learned a lot of cool stuff! I took notes on everything i felt. We learned the importance of talking to everyone. The statistics say that 1 in every 1000 people we find tracting, will be baptized. Harsh truth. We learned that member involvement is crucial. Also i had a distinct feeling the whole time that i needed to go back the next day to a guy named Herald we knocked on his door my first day here. We went over. Herald is an atheist and thinks god is a crutch that man have. In casual conversation the opportunity presented itself to bear my testimony to him, remember hes very stubborn, old and hard headed. I very plainly stated my testimony of the living god and the truthfulness of the gospel, with such boldness i never thought i had. (which means it was the spirit speaking through me). After i bore my witness with confidence i was sure no man could deny such pure and powerful testimony. He had a weird reaction. Like he never felt the way he felt before. I could see it in his eyes. The spirit pricked his heart, he believed my words. But was too scared on unsure, to admit it. On the verge of tears with authentic love for him i stated that if we read this book (The book of Mormon) we cannot deny gods existence. Unfortunately the only thing we left with herald that day was our testimonies. Next time well try the book. But we are not here to plant seeds we are here to harvest. So herald is not a man we focus on. But who knows what thoughts we provoked in that conversation to him. The weird thing about Herald is i had a dream about him in the MTC. Only god knows why i was prompted to go visit him, Im just happy to be a tool in his hands.

Lots of other cool things happened this week. Like we are really worried because were only like halfway through the month and weve spent all our grocery money. But god has our back, so we pray to him. Guess what, prayer works. By no coincidence we had two hug boxes full of food brought to us out of the bluehaha. God Lives!, hears our prayers!, and answers them! Maybe not so immediately like food on your doorstep. But he will. I hope anyone who reads this feels the slightest bit of spirit i felt while writing it. This church is the only true church. I pray that we all will heed the prophets council and bring Gods sheep into the fold. This is my prayer. I hope all is well on the other side of the mountains. Keep me posted on your lives.

Love, Elder Reynolds

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