Sunday, October 18, 2015

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 1:12 PM, Reece Reynolds <> wrote:
WEEK ONE IN THE FIELD DOWN! I HAVE 23 MONTHS AND 1 WEEK LEFT!! haha jk so many awesome things have happened this week. i told my companion elder Arevalo that this mission thing is dope. 
We started on foot on Wednesday and we met a TON! of weird people because were in the ghetto and marijuana is legal so those two mixed is sometimes really funny. we can smell the stank a lot haha But people live in really humble circumstances here and also non members are really prideful. the majority of humans in Denver, like 98 percent are catholic. so when we say hey do you want to talk about jesus, they go off about how yes they have seen him in revelations and hes their best friend. yeah its happened more then once. Back on Wednesday there was this door that had tons of do not disturb, no solicitors, go away stickers on it. and i just being rebelious wanted to see what would happen. so i knocked and this super mean grumpy half sleeping, half high dude opens the door. he was so mad we disturbed his silence. he said so with some very mean words when he started to come out the door. so for a moment i thought we had to make a decision, run or fight. my companion isn't very big scary or fast so i thought we were gonna have to fight. but i had a quick thought come to my head to ask this dude about his scar on his chest. he said it was from the days when he rode bulls. i proceeded to very timidly tell him i worked on a cattle ranch all summer and i had some fun stories too. his face just changed like i turned on a light somewhere. he told us he didnt believe in god and he thought god was just a way for people to get over the fact that we don't go anywhere after we die. long story short an hour and a half later we got this dude committed to baptism... jk but he wasnt the same dude who opened the door. We made a friend who we promised to never talk about Jesus with. We made him a deal that we would help him do yard work if he gave us lemonade and thats when were gonna slip in some doctrine. hehe

my life is so perfect. This whole mission thing that ive though about for my whole life is here! my bike is so sweet i wish everyone could take it for a spin but no its mine. im so thankful for my family for doing that. We can go get rolls of quarters from Walmart for laundry anytime we want because i can ride there on it!! also theres a taco bell!!! im in heaven here. For morning workout the other day we went and played soccer with two other sets of elders in this super ghetto little field.. i thought my shoes were gonna get stolen off of me. It looked like we were in the heart of mexico haha. all these little juans and juanitas started watching us and It was real cool. 

The only thing is we need more people to teach. when we find people they're definitely ready. My companion has been on the mission for a little over a year but hes new to the area as well so we both don't know anyone and so we try to tract a lot but its not successful all the time so we just keep going. The ward is so awesome the bishop is the sweetest old man out there. Yesterday i had to bare my testimony and i have a small cold from the mtc but i made everyone laugh and its was great but then i turned the subject and bore my testimony and the room was so quiet like the spirit was there and i loved it. needless to say we had a couple more dinners come up on the calendar after that. 

I love it here and i can feel the prayers from everyone i look so forward to sharing my fun stories. I know this church out of all the hundreds of churches in Thornton Colorado, is the only true church. Regardless of what the asian philosopher we taught on friday said. But it is. God didn't tell me so himself, like some people say, but i have felt the holy ghost so strongly. I know what im doing brings honor to my family and its hard. but its right.
Until next week

Love, Elder Reynolds

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